A beagle-shaped hotel? Check out the weirdest hotels!

For a true adventurer or someone eager for change, the usual hotels are certainly a great delight. Did you know that there are hotels or, to put it mildly, the weirdest hotels where you could ask for an accommodation? First of all we recommend you to stay in the luxury flat in South Beach: Loft at South Beach. It is amazing that there are several locations in the world where you can spend the night, and which you could not even imagine in your wildest dreams to exist.

Weirdest hotels – Giraffe Manor

Giraffe Manor is located in Nairobi, and its special appearance is reminiscent of the period from the 1930s when visitors from Europe first came to Africa. What makes this hotel special? It’s a herd of giraffes that come in the morning and evening, and sometimes they know to push their long necks through the window hoping hotel guests will give them a treat.

Weirdest hotels – Icehotel

The Icehotel is the first hotel of snow and ice. It is located in Sweden. The hotel has about 150 cold and warm rooms. Within the hotel there is an ice bar, an ice church, four meeting rooms … Are you brave enough to spend a night in the ice environment?


For all nature lovers who want to spend time surrounded by treetops, the Treehotel is the best choice. This hotel has rooms located 4 to 6 meters above the ground with amazing views of the Lula River Valley. The entire hotel is in mirrored walls that reflect their surroundings.

Weirdest hotels – No Man’s Fort

Man’s Fort was initially built to defend against enemy attacks on Portsmouth and Solent. It is the largest of the three magnificent fortifications built by man. Can you now imagine spending a few days in this hotel?

Conrad Rangali Island

Conrad Rangali Island in the Maldives welcomes guests who can experience the depths of the Indian Ocean. Villa Muraka is located 5 meters below sea level in the middle of the ocean with glass walls. Inside the hotel, there is an aquarium on two floors, so guests can wake up with coral or fall asleep with the fish swimming above their heads.

InterContinental Shanghai

InterContinental Shanghai is the first five-star subway resort where each room offers a view of the waterfall. It is located near an abandoned quarry.

Sun Cruise Resort

In South Korea, Jeongdongjin is one of the largest tourist destinations in South Korea. The hotel resemble a stranded cruise ship. It is on top of a mountain, and because of its location, you will not have seasickness even though at times you will feel like you are somewhere on the high seas.

Weirdest hotels – SiloStay

In Little River, just 300 meters from Christchurch Little River Railroad, there is an unusual ecological hotel. The silos offer two floors and are equipped with everything you might need.

Weirdest hotels – The Dog Bark Inn

This hotel offers a whole new level for all animal lovers and most of all dogs. Of course, pets are also welcome in the hotel. The hotel has a beagle shape and the entrance is through the second deck.

Weirdest hotels – Das Park Hotel

Who could have ever imagined that concrete could be comfortable? The hotel, made of renovated sewer pipes, is located on the banks of the Danube. The pipes are functional and clean. This hotel provides something new, innovative, and special.