Hear the Most Contagious Laughs EVER!

We promise you, until the end, you will burst into tears from laughter! We bring the best examples of Most Contagious Laughs EVER, so make sure you got your tissues ready.

1. This is one of our favorites – nobody can resist this! It is impossible to stay serious when you hear this.

2. Now this is a compilation so you’ll enjoy a bit longer. Check out the golf incident and be patient until the toaster thing.

3. Enjoy the most honest laughs ever.

4. Driving the kids to school – legendary. Trump building a wall in Colorado… it all made people laugh in such remarkable ways that it keeps spreading the joy around to this day!

5. Find out how choking from laughter sounds and experience Most Contagious Laughs!

6. Wait until you see that chicken wearing shoes! If that doesn’t cheer you up, maybe fainting from flexing muscles will. Or a puddle incident? Did you find your favourite? Let us know in the comments below!