Strict Rules That the Royal Family Should Always Follow

We all think that the royal family has a glamorous and light life. But behind all that, we can find a lot of strict rules that have been followed for centuries by members of the British royal family. We can expect some of them, but some of them are very awkward.

When the Queen gets up, everyone gets up

This is strictly a part of the protocol which must be respected.

After the Queen finishes eating, everyone at the table also stops eating

They are following this rule even with an informal meal.

Adoration is an obligation

The male members of the family will put their heads down, while they come to the queen, while the woman bow briefly. 

In marriage, they will get a new name

Members of the family in marriage will get a new title.

They will not approve a public display of tenderness 

In public, members of the royal family don’t even hold hands.

Before proposing royal family need’s to get approval from the Queen

If we look at the Royal Marriages Act from 1772, royal descendants must ask the Queen before they decide to propose someone.

The royal wedding bouquet must contain myrtle

Every royal bride has a bouquet of these flowers in her hands.

Every royal wedding must include a group of small children

This sounds strange, but this is a tradition that can’t be bypassed.

Until 2011, the royal family wasn’t allowed to marry a Roman Catholic

Now they can marry a man or a woman of any faith. 

The royal family can’t express a political opinion

They are not allowed to vote or speak in public about political issues.

The royal family can’t play Monopoly

This is one of the strangest rules in the British royal family, but they have respect for this game. The main reason for this is the fact that when they play this game everyone becomes too vicious. 

Conversations during official dinners have their schedule

The Queen usually talks to the person on her right at the beginning of the dinner, and during the second sequence, she pays attention to the person on her left side.

When they travel abroad, they need to bring black clothes 

Each member must be prepared for a funeral in the event of sudden death.

Two heirs can’t travel together

When Prince George will have 12, he will not be allowed to travel with Prince William. The reason is simple, in the case of the accident, one heir will stay alive. 

The royal family is not allowed to give autographs or take selfies

Even, you will not be allowed to approach them with the selfie stick

They are not allowed to eat crabs and shellfish

They are not allowed to eat this food because there is a chance to be poisoned from that food more than any other. 

You can’t touch the royal family

Anyone who is outside of the family is not allowed to touch anyone from the royal family. Although this rule is often inadvertently violated.

The royal family needs to follow a strict dress code

Their clothes must be modest, without too much detail, but not too ‘casual’.

Tiaras are reserved for married women

If you come to the royal party without a tiara, it means that you are still ‘in the market’.

You can’t turn backs to the Queen

After you finish talking to the Queen, she will leave first. You are not allowed to turn your back to her.