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Did you know facts – Broccoli flavored chewing gum

McDonald’s often introduces new products and while some have gone well with customers, others are best to forget. The broccoli-flavored chewing gum developed by McDonald’s in 2014 was a failed project. The CEO of the fast-food chain admitted a lot of the kids were unpleasantly surprised by the taste.

Did you know the facts – You can perform the Heimlich maneuver on your self

If you happen to choke on a piece of bread, don’t panic. Try to stay calm because you can perform the Heimlich maneuver on yourself. To begin, shape the fist with the dominant hand. Place it above the navel, below the chest. Point your other hand toward the top. Then push your fist up hard until the object in your throat relaxes. If it fails, do the same while bending strongly over the chair. Give extra pressure to your arm.

What are the odds of achieving a royal flush?

The chances of achieving a royal flush are 1 in 649,740? Out of 7,462 numerous five-card hands, you have a 42% chance of getting at least one pair.

Did you know the facts – Planet in the shape of a potato

Unlike the Earth, which has a perfect shape, Haumea resembles a potato. The dwarf planet is almost the same size as Pluto and has similar rings as Jupiter.

How many passengers survive plane crashes

Did you know that more than 95% of the passengers involved in plane crashes survive? Flying is still the safest way to travel. Evidence is the figures presented by the National Committee for Transport Safety. Between 1983 and 2000, from 53,000 passengers 51,207 survived.

What M&M stand for?

M&M means Mars and Murrie. The son of the founder of Mars once spotted the Smarties patisserie during the Spanish Civil War. He noticed that the candy shell can prevent the chocolate from melting. Soon he teamed up with President Hershey Chocolate’s son.

How far can a blue whale’s heartbeat be heard?

The heart of one of the largest animals in the world weighs about 400 kg. The heartbeat of a blue whale can be heard at a distance of more than 3 km.

Did you know – Chewing gum banned in Singapore

Did you know facts Chewing gum

In addition to anti-urination laws anywhere except in the toilet and spitting, Singapore has enacted another law. They banned chewing gum wanting to keep the city clean. There are exceptions for nicotine, dental or therapeutic chewing gum.

What is another name for a hashtag?

Another name for the hashtag is octothorpe. While “octo” refers to the eight points of this symbol, it is not clear what a “thorpe” is. There is a belief that it comes from the word village surrounded by eight fields.

Did you know facts – How to measure the speed of a computer mouse

The speed of a computer mouse is measured in Mickeys. In 1946, a British scientist invented a roller device. But the word “mouse” was first noticed in 1965.

What is the size of Lady Liberty’s shoes?

The famous monument in New York is 93 m high. How big are the feet then? If this Lady asked for shoes, she would need an 879 model.

Did you know facts – The first thing ever sold on eBay

First buyer Mark Foster bought a broken laser pointer via eBay. Luckily Mark was aware of this before as he paid laser only $ 14.83.