The smartest dog: the Border Collie

Tireless heroes in saving human lives which trapped under the ruins are Border Collies. You can train all breeds, but Golden Retrievers, Border Collies, and Belgian Shepherds are most often used for saving people. But Border Collie is the smartest. Geniuses among dogs, Border Collies can learn a new command in less than five repeats and can follow it at least 95 percent of the time.

Even if they are the best dogs for searching humans, Border Collies are also wonderful pets. But only if they have the right owner. They are well known for their agility, intelligence, and obedience. Border Collie will do anything to please its owner and they are very easy to train. Incredibly intelligent and full of energy. This dog is constantly looking for a hobby and purpose and is extremely connected to people.

Still, you need to know that they will be happiest with people who have the same energy as they have. With this dog, you will need to constantly work. They will be happy if they go on the outdoor activities with the owner. As a true athlete among dogs, he is an extremely energetic dog who seeks a good run in order to get rid of excess energy and get tired. Some owners even have two dogs of this breed because only the other Border Collie can best keep up with this fast and intelligent creature.

Border Collie has a strong instinct

Border Collie’s strong instinct for living in a pack means two things when it comes to the other dogs he lives with. First, it is very likely to get along with them, because they get along with other animals. However, they will most likely try to keep their pack together. Even though he is friendly towards other dogs, they may find it harder to love him.

They will live between 10 and 14 years. The health problems that can bother him are mostly sudden seizures and hypothyroidism. A Border Collie will be happiest and healthiest if he moves around a lot and if he spends a lot of time outdoors.

But when you have them in the near children’s you will need to take care of them. Because they have shepherd nature. In the company of young children, these dogs can feel frustrated because they cannot keep them together. With the right man, the Border Collie will be a super trained dog, extremely good at learning, and a faithful companion.