Training your dog; what are you doing wrong?

If this is the first time you have a dog, things can be really difficult for the first time. Simple things like teaching your dog not to pee on the couch can be exhausting. Make sure you’re up to the task before getting a pet and be ready for some real hard work! There are a lot of beginners mistakes that can be made, so let’s check out the list.

1. Don’t always focus on the negative. Focusing on negatives during training isn’t nearly effective as focusing on the positives. Instead of focusing on punishment for bad behaviour, concentrate on rewards for good behaviour.

2. Don’t push the limits with training sessions. Let it be fun for both sides and keep the time of each training short. Your dog will get bored if the sessions are too long and that won’t make good results.

3. Avoid limiting your training just to your home. Your dog will behave nicely and understand everything that was learned at home. However, when introduced with a lot of stimulation outside, things might become difficult and confusing.

4. Treats are great tool for practice but don’t rely on them so much. Use toys and travel with your dog, here you can see dog friendly hotels in Spain for your next holidays..

5. Don’t repeat your commands too often. Your dog needs to realize that behaviour needs to come immediately after a command. If your dog is sitting, being bored, don’t force the training and try it again later.

6. Consider your dog’s personality. Every dog has a distinct character and behavioural profile so you need to find what works for your dog specifically. Not all styles of training will work on every dog breed and you need to implement it from the start.

7. Confidence is the key here. As natural predators, dogs will sense any weakness instinctively so you need to be very confident when giving out your orders. By training your dog, you also have a lot to learn, the most important is to be persistent.