Travel Lover? Visit Those Movie Destinations!

If you are a movie lover, you were probably thinking about visiting some of the destinations from your favorite movie. From The Academy Museum in Los Angeles to the Alamo Draft House in Austin Texas. We are bringing some of the destinations movie fans should add to their travel list. Find some ideal movie, grab the popcorn, and get ready for inspiration for your next trip.

Warner Brother Studios, London

According to some reports, there was a huge number of visitors in the Warner Brother Studios. However, in this studio, all eight original Harry Potter movies were recorded. If you are a fan of this movie, this studio is something you need to visit. You will have the opportunity to enjoy in the broomsticks, see the castle, and stock up on chocolate frogs. And if you are living in the US, you can visit Universal Studios in Orlando. Here you will enjoy a very good Harry Potter experience.

Lord of the Rings Tours

For all Hobbit and Lord of the Rings lovers, New Zealand is the place for them. Here they will have the adventure of a lifetime, at the same time they can explore the rolling hills. At this place, they recorded those famous movies.

Alamo Drafthouse

Movie lovers should visit this cinema in Texas. At this place, you can enjoy the timeless movies, Austin style. Everyone who has a chance to travel in Texas should add this place to their list.

New York City

For many years, many movies were filmed in the Big Apple. Not to mention that in NYC you can visit many places, from Grand Central to Times Square. At this place, many iconic scenes were filmed. NYC is a movie hotspot.

The Academy Museum

Right now this place is under the construction, but in the future, this institution should be celebrating art and science from the favorite movies. Not to mention that this place will celebrate movies from the past, present, and future. Movie lovers from all around the world should visit this place.

Arlington Theater

This Arlington Theater is placed in Santa Barbara and it’s historic mission-style theatre. At this theater, you can enjoy first-run films, stand-up comedy, and big-name brands. In this area, this is one of the most important theater, and everyone who is in the area should visit this place.

Arlington-front movie

Bollywood Tours

Slumdog Millionaire is one of the most popular movies from the streets of Mumbai. At the same time, Mumbai is the home of Bollywood. Tourists have a chance to visit their studios and film cities. At the same time, you have a chance to see some of the stars too.