Facial features and genes – new study

A team of scientists are working on interesting research – they are figuring out how are genes controlling our facial features. So far, they discovered that more than 130 regions in humans DNA play a role in the formation of our faces.

Like it or not, the nose is a feature that is most influenced by our genes. Understanding the specific link between facial features and genes could be very important in the development of orthodontics and treating facial malformations.

There is still no complete answer to how many genes are associated with facial appearance but for now, they were able to isolate 130 chromosomal regions. Each of them is associated with particular aspects of facial shape. The scientists claim they only scratched the surface and they expect to find thousands of these genes.

It is interesting to know that these genes are not always influencing the face as a whole. Some of them are highly localized and have an impact on a specific part of the face. Many of them are also involved in basic development, such as bone formation. In many cases, the same genes were implicated in rare syndromes and facial anomalies.

This research could bring significant contributions to medicine and give important clue in the development of genetic syndromes and malformations. There is also an interesting twist here – some of those genes might be involved in cancer cases in children.

World of science is very positive about this research and they believe it could be of significant impact to people who are developing malformations, especially children.